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And who all are not looking out for oil free healthy nutritious Delicious Curries and Gravies??

In This Post Presenting A Very Simple High Protein Fats Free Daal Gravy. I just happen to make a it turned out totally yummy. And im so sure im not posting any recipes in my space until I can guarantee the taste myself. Though everyone's taste does not match, But even if the dish isnt liked after a trial it should be atleast edible to finish of the serving without wasting it :)


Soya chunk - 1 cup (any sizes)
Whole Moong daal - 1 1/2 cup
Ginger garlic paste - 1 tsp
Chilli powder  1/2 tsp
Coriander Powder 1/2 tsp
Cumin Powder 1/2 tsp
Onion - 1 chopped
Tomatoes - 1 large chopped
Maggie Masala / Garam Masala 

- Soak The moong Daal for 6hrs minimum / overnight would be best.
- Boil the soaked dal in normal pan with water and salt. 5- 10 mins aprox. Drain the water.
-Transfer the half cooked Daal Into Pressure cooker, Add in chopped onion, tomatoes, Ginger garlic paste, salt, all the spices and Water accordingly to bring it to gravy consistency, as much you would add to make normal daal (I dont measure Sowwie) and pressure cook for 4-5 whistles. 
- Mean while Boil the soya in another pan with water and salt till it puffs up nicely and the strange odor  of Soya Emits!!  Once this cools drain the water using your fist and Keep This Aside.
- After 4-5 whistle let the pressure drop, open the lid and check out of the moong daals are cooked and mashed up well, It will not mash up much coz this is with the skin. So Some whole daals will be showing here n there. Its perfect just creamy texture. 
- Add in Maggie Masala, Soya chunks and cook for few more mins, This is the time to add in more water If required and check for the taste!! 
- Yummy Oil Free Healthy Side Dish is Ready To be Served!!!
- Goes best With Toast, Paav, Chappati, Phulkas, Parathas & Steaming hot Rice too

Daal came out with lovely Intermediate color of Yellow and Green certainly looked Quiet Appealing!!


- 1st boil is required to Discard the black color of moong daal which comes while cooking. It leaves out lots of color while soaking also. This is just to make sure so that our end product dosent have black shade.
- Adjust chilli according to your taste. We consume very mild spices to moderate level.
- 4-5 whistles is required coz the daals are with shell and will take time to blend in well
- As It cooks, it might become thick, if so then add water a little more, while adding garam masala / maggie masala because soya chunks will absorb the extra water and become juice and the consistency of daal will get to perfect. 
- I had used maggie masala which comes of 3Rs Sachet each. My 1st try with this masala. It came out very nice. But if one knows that typical Maggie Flavor one will surely recognize lolzz!! But it went well along with the whole concept.
- Using maggie masala was just another try, one can use, Garam masala, Mutton masala, Curry masala, Chicken Masala and Im sure The flavor and taste of this Daal curry will be really exotic with Difference of masala's  - You may add in lemon juice and coriander leaves while serving depends on your taste. 

It was very aromatic and flavorful. Creaminess of Daal and Juicy Soya chunks went along too well. My bro was in a diet, n he couldnt eat, How much he wished he could!! But yes he helped me taking pics as we were not able to get exact shade of the gravy, Sometimes less light sometimes more light lolzz :) A typical problem all of us face im sure!!!
As I was eating I was imagining its flavors with different masala's trying to bring in more ideas :P and in future im sure to try this with various masala's mentioned above
I couldn't resist having bowl full myself just like that And dad had it with Phulkas Yumm yumm a lovely Combination. 

Hope you guys try out this simple Dish and enjoy!!!

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  1. Excellent curry, sounds healthy, a prefect side dish for rotis.

  2. aah..never have tried this combination. good one dear !!

  3. Very healthy and delicious combo dear....

  4. Very healthy and yummy combo....looks delicious.....

  5. Nice combo,looks delicious !


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