Monday, 10 June 2013

Winner Recipe Falooda

Winner Recipe Falooda

As Im typing the post I seriously dont know what to type, But Still Got some words to share with all of you!!

As Arthy Shama of Tasty Food Recipes organized her 1st blog event, I had casually linked up my post there I have almost forgotten where all I had linked up my posts actually and As usual I was scrolling down the updates from other blogs and saw the event round up

As I scrolled down the page and Found

The next award is best (non-baked) dessert that goes to drool-worthy falooda by Aara.  And this pic Below

I was really happy to see this, As a new blogger my expectation towards winning something in events was zero, The only thing which I always felt is, linking up would help other bloggers know more about my blog and also i'll come across more new bloggers than usually I knew in my own :)

Thank you arthy for liking my post and awarding my post for Best Dessert Award  (non- baking)

anyone who hasnt checked my falooda post pls Click( here )

Thank you for all the love and support ive been receiving from all of you
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