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Instant Tiffin Sambar

Instant Tiffin Sambar

Instant Sambar/ Sambar Without daal
Wow Isnt it???

Similarly Jeyshri's Instant Sambar caught my attention long back I had bookmarked it but never got time or tot of making it.

Seriously I know to cook sambar just 1 way which mom used bfr, then mom changed her style and so my family preference, Since then sambar n me no no!!

Now that im looking out for simple dishes and recipes, reducing the calorie counts and also looking up for protein diet I suddenly recalled this and started searching in my bookmarks, Ooopsss So many Bookmarks I have certainly missed it, then tot of finally look out for it slowly :) and there u go!!

I followed her instructions which was pretty simple and along with the pics.


Carrot Roughly cubed  1/2
Tomato  Roughly Chopped              2
Shallots (Small Onions    4-5
Tamrind Extract                3 Tbsp
Coriander seeds               1 Tbsp
Dry RedChilli       2 (I used 3)
Roasted Gram Daal         2 Tbsp ( I used 2 and 1/2tbsp)
Oil           2 Tsp
Mustard seeds  1/4 Tsp
Water as needed
Salt according to taste
Turmeric powder             1/4 Tsp
Curry leaves| Coriander leaves  few


- Take a pan add 1tsp oil, add in coriander seeds red chillis and 3 shallots, fry on medium till golden brown, Add 1 tomato chopped and cook till soft, once done Keep It Aside For Cooling
- Once This is cool add roasted gram daal and Grind it to fine paste adding water. Your Masala is ready!!

- Mean while take another pan add in oil and mustard seeds, once it splutters add rest of 2-3 shallots, saute till golden brown.
- Once its golden brown add another tomato chopped and cook till lil tender, Now add carrot saute for a min add salt, turmeric and water, close the lid and cook till carrot is lil soft,
- Next add in tamarind pulp and curry leaves, allow it to boil, Then add the ground masala to it.
- Adjust water if needed, Bring it to boil and your done!!!!

- When u add masala paste in the 2nd part, make sure its in diluted form
- Adjust water consistency accordingly to the thickness while boiling
- I also added 1/2tsp of sambar powder to give better flavor
- 3Tbsp of tamarind was too tangy for me, I added lil sugar to adjustment.
- Since I added 3 red chillies I was dounbtful to add 1tsp sambar powder as sambar powder itself has spicy flavor, You might use 2 red chilli and 1tsp sambar powder for that cause, Go Ahead Adjusting the spiciness according to the taste

Reviews From Mom!! 
She said It will Go more well along with rice than as tiffin sambar lolz!! Individual taste matters :)
My Dad nodded yes with mom Wat ever mom dad feel, My vote goes to idly and dosa lolzz :P

But Personally I felt Its super duper simplest thing we should all know to cook!! Serving with anything is individual family choice!! 

Took me 1/2hr to cook while arranging, ingredients including chopping grinding. I kept adjusting the flame level as a when I would go away :)
If you have all the ingredients ready, you will be done in 15-20 mins cooking the 2nd part in high flame

My House was fully aromatic while cooking this :) And I couldnt Stop Licking my fingers Of the Bowl and Spoon :P Im gud at licking lolz

 Jeyashri has explanations with pic, Go ahead seeing her blog :) Jeyshri's Instant Sambar 

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  1. Delicious,yummy and healthy sambar

  2. I am not a fan of south indian dishes...but always look forward to eat medu vada and sambar...this instant sambar is too good!

    1. mmm lovely combination ur looking forward to :)

  3. Hi.. nice attempt to SaMbhar...

    you look quite energetic in your description :) good work done

    glad to follow you.. take care

    UK Rasoi

    1. Thank you nupur its my pleasure for detail explanations :)

  4. This is so easy. I love simple and yummy recipe like this. Of course your Dad have to nod with Mom. hahaha....same thing going on in my family too. ;) So, it's okay. As long as your own family loves it.

    1. Haha Amy :P well it was loved by all, Hope u make a try if ingredients are available to you :)

  5. Wow! Yummy.. Love sambar Aara.. This looks inviting and delicious :-)


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