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Burnt Mangoes Aam Panna Mom's Style!!

Burnt Mangoes Aam Panna Mom's Style!!

No No there is no added color to this Raw mango juice!!
This is Typical Preparation mom makes during summer and makes sure all of us have this drink
She says this will cut down body heat and help against sun strokes. I doubted her all these years, My dad says the same, A common mythology in fact within our circle.

Mom makes sure whole of family members consume this and also send this to my grandparents home.
We just knew its summer and finish we have to consume this.  I really hated to have this drink huh!!!

The problem would be we r insisted to take this early morning empty stomach yes :( empty stomach and imagine how difficult it is to gulp it down lolzzz

while typing I remembered few years back mom woke me up and gave me this drink, I was holding in my hand and I was so much in sleep I spill the whole drink in the bed and I woke up ahhhh there came her angry looks hehe

Coming up to the method:

Any number of mangoes you want to use. the raw mangoes which r used in making pickles.
boil these mangoes in water. till the color changes and pulp feels little soft
remove the mangoes and allow to cool. Preserve the water in which its boiled.
Next Burn the mangoes on stove top kind of roasting in all the sides which we do for brinjals sometimes.
next add these burnt/roasted mangoes into the water preserved and let it rest over night
next day morning mash up the mangoes by hand and mix sugar accordingly  sugar will depend on the sourness of mangoes. drink it as it is in room temp without chilling it

It Works!!!
Such a difficult task u see  :)) but to be honest what mom said did work :)
When i was working I had to travel during 11am in the morning during April n may public exam shift
I saw Teachers Traveling and coming badly sweating and panic they just complaint of chennai's high humid climate, and i was cool enough thinking y nothing happens to me???

I remembered this magical drink of mom which she made me drink and it acted as coolant to my body.

I certainly love this drink now :) and happily shared the school incident with mom :) Now Im in love with this drink :)

Its Sweet & Sour Drink though we had been consuming since childhood its not kids friendly :) not atleast upto 7yrs I can guess

Since Its hand blended you might have some pieces of pulpy mango floating, You can either use ur mixer.
Burnt peel of mangoes will give a different nice flavor to the drink, but if u feel skeptical you can peel the burnt skin and then let it rest in water over night :)
Can be stored in fridge upto a week :)

Point to be noted:
Its more effective when consumed in empty stomach early in the morning, otherwise can be used as refreshment drink as well.

This time I used sugar free to this drink instead of sugar, n it was totally fine to taste

May B I'll click some more pics when its made next time and republish the post :)

Thats All From Me For Today!!! Bubye :-h

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  1. Very interesting. I love mango and anything with mango would be wonderful for me. It's a nice way to stay hydrated. And yes, isn't "Mom is always right"? I have to agree. :)

    1. yes dear amy :) mum's are always right we kids refrains to accept until we grow and experience ourselves :)

  2. Thanks for sharing the wonderful drink.

  3. Wow, burnt mangos drink completely new to me. Another drink for summers.really cool.

  4. Very innovative, I have never tried this bit it sonfs delicious.

  5. superb ...thanks for linking to my event page

  6. please tell me how can i preserve this for a month or more.?

  7. please tell me how to preserve it for long time like 1 or more month..


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